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Have an Awesome Halloween!

It’s that festive time of year again—the time to pull out the decorations, dust off the costume and ready the candy bowl. With Halloween just around the corner, many of you are probably wondering how to make this year’s fright–filled day one to remember, and luckily for you, we’re here to help! We’ve searched high and low to find the most helpful information, so your Halloween experience is more than just ordinary—it’s haunting!

No Halloween would be complete without the sinister grin of a jack-o-lantern. The unofficial symbol of this chilling season, carved pumpkins are an essential Halloween ingredient. Creating the perfect jack-o-lantern can be challenging, but with these helpful tips, your Halloween experience should be a run through the graveyard

1. Selecting Your Pumpkin: When picking your pumpkin, always check the skin for soft spots, cuts and unsightly bumps. These marks may lend character, but they are also areas prone to rot. For a jack-o-lantern that lasts as long as possible, a smooth, blemish-free pumpkin is the safest bet.

2. Carving Your Pumpkin: Using the appropriate tools will make carving your pumpkin a much simpler task. Pumpkin flesh is dense, so always use serrated edges to carve your jack-o-lantern—and for removing pumpkin pulp, ice cream scoopers do a great job!

For more information on creating the ultimate Jack-o-lantern, check out this article.

Who said pumpkins are just for carving? There are many uses for this holiday squash besides the obvious Halloween lantern, so take a stab at some fun activities and see a different side of your pumpkin!

1. Pumpkin Bowling: To have some extra fun, set up some make-use bowling pins, remove the stem of your pumpkin and use it in place of a bowling ball! Watching your misshaped pumpkin roll crookedly toward the pins will keep you happily entertained.

2. Table Decor: You can enjoy the natural beauty of your pumpkin by adding some colorful enhancements. Remove the pumpkin stem and hot glue flowers and other festive decorations to the top of your squash. With festive arrangements, your pumpkin will look out of this world!

For more information on fun ways to use your pumpkin, visit this site.

Awesome Food in Awesometown!

This past Saturday, hungry foodies were finally able to satisfy their cravings at the Gourmet Food Truck Festival in Awesometown! Thank you to everyone who showed up and to all the food trucks that participated in the festival! The turn out for this event truly exceeded our expectations, and we are incredibly grateful for everyone’s involvement.

We’ve received helpful feedback from many of you and we appreciate all of your input. Your comments will help us better plan future events in Valencia. Thank you for your community spirit and we hope to see you at the next event!

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Seize the Taste at Tomorrow’s Gourmet Food Truck Festival in Valencia!

Throughout this exploration of mobile culinary excellence, we’ve given you insight into some of Southern California’s most popular food trucks and roused your hunger with mouth-watering gourmet cuisine. And now, with Awesometown’s Gourmet Food Truck Festival rolling into the center of Valencia tomorrow, it’s time to reveal our final mobile eateries! So if you have a demanding sweet tooth, get ready because we’ve saved some of the sweetest trucks for last!

Today we are highlighting the final three appetizing food trucks: Sprinkles Cupcakes, Lake Street Creamery and Newhall Coffee Roasting Company.

Offering delectably sweet cupcakes that satisfy even the most hardcore sugar fans, Sprinkles Cupcakes presents an eating experience that can only be described as true devotion to sugary perfection. At Sprinkles, cupcakes are baked from scratch and handmade with the highest quality ingredients, so each morsel is deliciously moist and filled with heavenly taste. Daily cupcake flavors include black and white, chocolate marshmallow, cinnamon sugar and the ever-so-luscious red velvet, a crimson-tinged dose of chocolate goodness topped with smooth cream cheese frosting. And on select days, Sprinkles also offers refreshing flavors such as chai latte, ginger lemon and carrot!

If you’re craving gourmet ice cream that defies traditional flavor, feast your senses on Lake Street Creamery. Serving the sugar-craving masses with the finest ice creams, creamy gelatos and the most refreshing sorbets, Lake Street Creamery delivers original sweets that are as artistic and unique as they are delicious. Flavors range from donut, Aztec sacrifice, California zephyr and pancake breakfast to black jack and holiday chocolate. Lake Street Creamery’s most popular flavor, the ever-so-sweet pancake breakfast is an explosion of rich, creamy goodness infused with cakey flapjacks, pure maple syrup and bits of savory bacon and sprinkled with fresh-ground peaberry coffee.

The original micro-roaster in Los Angeles, Newhall Coffee Roasting Company supplies the highest quality coffee in the region, leaving caffeine lovers with nothing less than sheer delight. At Newhall Coffee Roasting Company, specialty arabican coffee beans are carefully hand roasted in small quantities and brewed within one day after roasting, ensuring unmatched freshness and premium taste that is to die for. Coffee varieties range from vanilla nut, California blend and French roast to Newhall blend, Hawaiian hazelnut, cinnamon and vanilla and the crowd-pleasing favorite, pumpkin spice! And for those who live on the natural side, Newhall Coffee Roasting Company even offers organic beans!

The Gourmet Food Truck Festival is taking place tomorrow in Valencia, also known as Awesometown. We hope to see you there! Parking and admission are free. For more details, please check out our website and follow us on twitter (@ValenciaSoCal) for frequent updates.

Three More Food Trucks Driving In

The countdown is on! With less than a week left until Awesometown’s Gourmet Food Truck Festival, the food trucks are rolling in and the aroma of mouth-watering mobile fare simply can’t be contained. And of course, once again it’s that time to shed a little insight on our exceptional mobile restaurants! So don’t even try to hold it back—you will get hungry.

Today we are featuring three delectable food trucks: Frysmith, Kabob Express and Bool BBQ.

If you’re looking for French fries that turn the concept of fries upside down, Frysmith is the answer to your prayers. At Frysmith, fries aren’t just a side dish—they are a hearty meal in themselves. Creating masterful potato wonders, Frysmith delivers tasty servings of fries that encapsulate the meaning of luscious. With a variety of offerings from chili cheese, rajas and kimchi fries to vegan chili and sweet potato fries, each bite is a mouthful of delicious. Among the most popular meals are the rajas fries, crisp sliced potatoes topped with slices of tender beef, fire-roasted poblano chilies and caramelized onions and smothered in melted jack cheese.

Bringing a fusion of flavors from across the globe, Kabob Express offers tantalizing Mediterranean cuisine infused with Mexican zest, creating scrumptious dishes that can only be described as out-of-this-world “Mexi-terranean” goodness. With meals ranging from flavorful burritos, tacos and kabobs to falafels, wraps and paninis, Kabob Express presents an experience that defies all expectations of flavor as we know it. Fan favorites include the Mexi-terranean burrito and the Mexi-terranean tacos, two warm tortillas filled with a succulent blend of hummus, shawarma, diced tomatoes, onion and cilantro, topped with olive oil and lemon juice.

Presenting the perfect marriage of Korean flavors and Central and South American staples, Bool BBQ supplies the hungry masses with unbelievably appetizing meals, delivering delectable fusion fare at its finest. At Bool BBQ, food is more than just a meal—it’s an undertaking of culinary excellence. With an array of menu items from savory tacos and pastels to luscious burritos and quesadillas toasted to melted perfection, each delightful morsel is bursting with zest. Crowd pleasers include the Korean short rib taco and the pork and cheese pastel, a flaky pastry filled seasoned pork and melted cheese. And for those who want that extra kick, the kimchi quesadilla is sure to satisfy!

There will be much more information to come, so check back often to get the latest news on the Awesometown Gourmet Food Truck Festival and our featured trucks and be sure to follow us on twitter (@ValenciaSoCal) or Like us on Facebook for frequent updates.

Food Trucks Galore

Last time we featured three exceptionally delicious mobile eateries that will be in attendance at Awesometown’s Gourmet Food Truck Festival—and this time we’re about to go one step further! So if you thought you were hungry before, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Today we’re highlighting not three but four sensational food trucks: the Ahn-Joo truck, LudoBites, Chef Brian’s Comfort Truck and Lee’s Philly.

Presenting Korean-inspired fare that is anything but ordinary, the Ahn-Joo truck delivers a truly mouth-watering experience, combining the spice of the Orient and the essence of Southern California cooking. With an array of menu items from robata skewers, potstickers and Korean nachos to meatloaf and spicy chilled noodles, Ahn-Joo’s self-proclaimed “pub grub” tantalizes the taste buds and challenges flavor as we know it. Among the most popular dishes is the delectably crisp Korean fried chicken, a succulent morsel of carmelized sweetness. And for those craving an extra heaping of sugar, the grilled Nutella® Bhang puts your sweet tooth at ease!

Mixing Old World simplicity with New World imagination, LudoBites creates dishes that defy conventional taste with subtly exotic flavors, so no matter what you order, it’s love at first bite. With a variety of offerings from chicken strips and honey lavender biscuits to the perfect fries, each dish is truly out of this world. Fan favorites include the scrumptious honey glazed garlic wings and the unbelievably succulent provencal pepitte, tender balls of savory chicken prepared over three days and infused with zesty herbs. Ludo Bites also provides incredibly luscious aguas frescas for those who long for the ultimate in juicy perfection.

If you’re seeking food that soothes your soul and takes you on an incredible journey of comfort, then look no further than Chef Brian’s Comfort Truck. Living up to its title, the Comfort Truck supplies comforting meals that satisfy your cravings, combining classic American, European and Caribbean cuisine to produce the ultimate in comfort food. Dishes range from chicken and beef sliders to wraps, wingettes and homemade chips. Bursting with flavor that is beyond compare, the popular chicken sliders are a fan favorite. And for a truly addictive treat, the Comfort Truck offers Chef Brian’s signature crack chips, delicious tortilla chips served with tasty toppings and seasoned to perfection.

With massive tacos, tremendous burritos and sandwiches brimming with meat, Lee’s Philly presents a truly mind-bending dose of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. At Lee’s Philly, Korean fusion isn’t just executed—it’s taken to the next level. With a range of menu offerings from gogi tacos and burritos to the best steak sandwich west of the Mississippi, each luscious bite is an explosion of flavor. Crowd pleasers include the gogi beef burrito and the gogi beef Philly cheese steak, a daring Korean take on a traditional favorite, marinated and seasoned to please. And as if that weren’t enough, Lee’s Philly also features authentic Korean drinks to quench your thirst.

There will be much more information to come, so check back often to get the latest news on the Awesometown Gourmet Food Truck Festival and our featured trucks and be sure to follow us on twitter (@ValenciaSoCal) or like us on Facebook for frequent updates.

More Food Trucks Coming Your Way!

So far we’ve tantalized your senses and engaged your stomachs with an appetizing taste of what’s to come. And, of course, now we’re here again to give you some more insight on the extraordinary food trucks that will grace Awesometown’s Gourmet Food Truck Festival. So if your inner foodie hasn’t come out yet, prepare your introduction and get ready for a dose of delicious.

Today we’re highlighting three tasty mobile eateries: Del’s Lemonade, the Dosa Truck and Krazy BBQ.

Straight from the New England coast, Del’s Lemonade brings Rhode Island’s finest frozen lemonade to Angelenos, presenting a world of flavor that extends beyond any ordinary lemonade experience. Originating in 1840, the recipe for Del’s is simple: sugar, water and fruit—so you can enjoy lemonade that is as natural as it is thirst quenching. Del’s offers an assortment of flavors from blueberry, cherry and peach/mango to pomegranate and the popular classic, lemon. And for an extra refreshing taste of icy goodness, try the ever-so-cool watermelon!

At the Dosa Truck, food isn’t just a meal—it’s an excursion to the far western corners of the Orient. With a California take on South Indian street food, the Dosa Truck delivers the ultimate in crispy Indian crepes, filling mouth-watering sour dough wraps with savory, gourmet regional ingredients that defy flavor as you know it. With menu items that range from delectable dosas, succulent samosas and masala fries to chutney, homemade ginger limeade and mango lassis, each scrumptious bite is an explosion of flavor. Fan favorites include the goa goodness dosa and the pestolicsious slumdog dosa, an original creation of tasty perfection.

Combining traditional Korean flavor with American and Mexican cuisine, Krazy BBQ presents daring fusion-style dishes that challenge the taste buds, creating a zest that is uniquely different and beyond imagination. With a variety of offerings from Korean-influenced burritos, tacos and taquitos to salad, sandwiches and fries, each savory morsel is out of this world. Notable dishes include the chicken burrito and lusciously perfect short rib sandwich. And not only does Krazy BBQ have entrees that are world class—it also has unbelievable desserts, like the signature krazy peanut ball—because everyone goes a little krazy sometimes.

There will be much more information to come, so check back often to get the latest news on the Awesometown Gourmet Food Truck Festival and our featured trucks and be sure to follow us on twitter (@ValenciaSoCal) or like us on Facebook for frequent updates.

Can You Taste the Food Yet?

Last time, we had your mouths watering over savory balls of food, comforting munchies and authentic Filipino fare—and we’re not about to stop now. The Gourmet Food Truck Festival in Awesometown is inching closer and closer each day, and we’re here to leave you with even more of our featured mobile restaurants. Let the salivation begin.

Today we’re featuring three more appetizing food trucks: Fresh Fries, Fishlips Sushi and Vesuvio.

Delivering French fries that are truly beyond imagination, Fresh Fries encapsulates the meaning of extraordinary, providing fried food lovers with nothing short of their wildest dreams. At Fresh Fries, all dishes are made to order and hungry parties can have their choice of natural cut, curly, sweet potato and the gloriously deluxe fancy fries—not to mention the incredible selection of innovative sauces. Crowd pleasers include stinky pinky, vampire repellant and the ever-so-luscious peanut buttercup, a creamy delight of crisp sweet potato fries slathered in generous portions of peanut butter and Nutella®.

If you’re looking to satisfy your need for seaweed, then Fishlips Sushi has the answer. With superior quality fish and remarkably delectable rice, Fishlips doesn’t just serve sushi—they create an experience that is as fresh as it is heavenly delicious, enticing even the sushi-apprehensive to go in for a taste. Menu items range from spicy tuna, shrimp tempura and California rolls to vegetable rolls and their beloved Kyoto-style temari sushi. Among the most popular rolls is the spicy tuna, made to spicy perfection with just the right balance of heat and flavor. Fishlips also has daily specials, including non-sushi fare, so there’s always a variety to choose from!

The premier Italian food truck in the Southland, Vesuvio celebrates honest-to-goodness home cooking from the heart of the Mediterranean, offering flavorful sandwiches, sensational appetizers and hearty entrees to satisfy even the most thunderous of stomachs. Using family recipes passed down from generation to generation, Vinnie and his crew supply the food while also managing to capture the true essence of Italy in each succulent bite. Vesuvio’s most popular dish, the splendidly scrumptious eggplant parmesan, packs a powerful punch while the arancini appetizer never fails to delight. Vesuvio even carries Italian soda, so no matter where you are, when you eat Vesuvio, Italy is never far away.

There will be much more information to come, so check back often to get the latest news on the Awesometown Gourmet Food Truck Festival and our featured trucks and be sure to follow us on twitter (@ValenciaSoCal) or like us on Facebook for frequent updates.