At-Home Box Office

Everybody loves a good old-fashioned movie night with the family. The snacks. The atmosphere. The company. But keeping a tried-and-true tradition fresh can be a challenge—especially when we’re spending more time at home than ever. That’s why we’ve gathered some helpful tips to transform your everyday binge fest into an experience worthy of the red carpet.


Change up your mise-en-scène: While the family room is where we’ve grown accustomed to when gathering for movie nights, why not flip the script and opt for a new venue? Consider exploring options like the loft in your Concord home or even the master suite for a whole-new home theater environment that’s sure to liven up the everyday.


Get the big-screen experience with a projector: This handy—and relatively inexpensive—piece of equipment is a great option to enhance your movie viewing. Not only does it provide pristine image fidelity and quality comparable to a cinema setting, but it also lets you control the size of your screen depending on where you mount or position the device.


Create an immersive theater ambiance with a souped-up sound system: Nothing makes you feel like you’re sitting in a theater quite like hearing the crisp bass and treble of the introduction to a film soundtrack. With a surround sound system, every eerie footstep or creak of a door in a horror film or majestic musical swell in an arresting shot or scene is amplified, making you feel like you’re in on the action.


No movie theater experience is complete without the snacks. You can elevate ordinary concession stand treats by making healthy—or more decadent—creations. Check out this link for some updated twists on movie snack classics. Plus, fashioning your own individual snack holders from cereal or leftover cardboard boxes is a fun touch that will make your home cinema feel that much more authentic.


So cozy up with your loved ones, pick the flick and push play on a memorable movie night.