Getting Outside in Valencia

With 24 community parks in Valencia, it’s easy to find fun outdoors. Here are some of our favorite Valencia green spaces:


If you’re a dog in Awesometown, this is where it’s at! Canine Country is open from dawn to dusk to let your pups run and romp for hours with their friends. More info.

Valencia Glen Park on Via Gavola is perfect for family fun! Have a picnic, play a game of b-ball or tennis, push your little ones on the swings or fire up the grill for summertime eats. More info.

Your adventure awaits at Discovery Park! The picnic tables and children’s play area make for a pretty awesome day trip this summer. More info.

Get ready to jump on your board – there are some ramps waiting for you! The Santa Clarita Skate Park is a great place to meet up with friends and learn a few tricks. More info.