Outfit the Outdoors

Summer is here, and we all want gorgeous outdoor spaces to enjoy the weather with friends and family. These beautiful spaces are found in Valencia homes, and here are some simple tips for enhancing them.

Start out small by improving the lighting. Who says that string lights are just for the holidays? Residence One homes at Arte by Lennar have private decks attached to the master bedrooms, and you can add a nice touch to them by hanging lights to create that cozy and romantic feeling. There’s nothing like making your deck twinkle with colorful or uniquely shaped bulbs.

The most crucial part of any good patio or deck is the furniture. Ideally, you want durable chairs with soft cushions for hours of comfortable conversation. At Arte, Residence Two homes come with two private decks and a porch that are perfect for any style of seating. To change things up, try swapping out your usual pillows for bold patterns and bright colors that scream summer.

You can add maximum entertainment value to your patio with an outdoor movie screen. In Residence Three homes at Arte, the covered patios off the dining rooms are a wonderful way to transition from dinner to a nighttime movie. Whether you’re enjoying a scary movie without lights or having friends over to watch the latest episode of a favorite show, you’ll appreciate what the great outdoors adds to your viewing experience. Grab some popcorn and a nice throw, and you’re good to go.

With a mix of porches, decks and patios in Valencia’s homes, there are plenty of options for outdoor entertaining. Make the space yours.