Room to Do More

With flex spaces come big possibilities, and Concord by Lennar has the extra room to let you do more with your home.


Each Concord residence is designed with a second-floor loft, allowing you to adapt your home to your changing lifestyle needs. Whether you’re an empty nester looking to create a craft or hobby room to exercise your talents or a first-time homeowner seeking a quiet place for a home office for those work-from-home days, these spaces let you do it all.


For couples with growing families, a loft can be converted into a playroom or the ideal homework hideaway for the kids. Adding oversized beanbags and plush pillows makes this a comfortable, inviting space to focus on schoolwork or decompress.


Why not turn your loft into a multipurpose room? From a home theater/game room to a guestroom/home office, the combinations are nearly endless. You can even customize your space into a storage/lounge area by incorporating decorative space-saving elements like bookcases and containers and multiuse furniture such as ottomans and storage benches.


Loft spaces at Concord let you tailor your home to your needs. See where your imagination takes you and design the perfect home for you.