Welcome to Your Personal Gym

Spending more time at home can make it difficult to stay on track with a fitness routine. But whether you’re a weekend cardio warrior, avid Crossfitter or yoga enthusiast, you can still keep up with your workouts at home with the right equipment, mindset and guidance.


You’ve got the space, but it’s just a matter of choosing where to put your setup. If you’re a hardcore weightlifter who needs a bench and barbell rack, your garage may be the ideal place to house heavy-duty equipment. The garage gives you the freedom to enjoy intense, uninterrupted workouts since it’s a typically low-traffic area of the home. And using space-saving folding racks and wall storage will keep your space neat and clutter free and still give you the ability to park your car right where it belongs!


While centering your mind and body can be achieved anywhere in the home, your multipurpose loft in select Concord by Lennar residences can set the perfect scene for a tranquil yoga studio. All you need is your trusty yoga mat and some key essentials to create a peaceful ambiance—think oil diffusers, plush pillows and meditative music.


Many commercial and boutique gyms are offering live streaming classes that utilize bodyweight-only exercises. In that case, bring a towel, water and a good attitude—then you’ll be ready to tackle those burpees in any room of your home. Some workouts will require minimal equipment, such as resistance bands and light weights, which can be purchased online and easily stored anywhere.


No matter your fitness preference, getting or staying fit at home can be a breeze. Check out our Pinterest board for more home fitspo.