Why Awesometown?

Some people wondered why we started calling Valencia “Awesometown.” While the word may conjure up images of skateboarding robots hanging out in the town center or dogs dancing to ’80s music along the Paseos (both of which would be supremely awesome), it really captures the spirit of Valencia. This is a town where people look out for each other, where neighbors are neighborly and where, even in a time when technology seems to take over our lives, there still exists an active sense of community.

In the process of brainstorming our new campaign, we asked local residents for their thoughts about life in Valencia. People raved about Valencia’s unique lifestyle, great schools, incredible friendliness and convenient shopping and dining. Many folks even described Valencia as awesome. It seemed unusual at first that people would use such a term to describe a town, but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense.

The word awesome refers to something “remarkable or outstanding.” What better way to describe a place with acres of parks, over 30 miles of trails, over 60,000 jobs, one of the nation’s top art colleges, a state-of-the-art hospital and some of the highest ranking schools in the state.

So why did we start calling Valencia Awesometown? Turns out it was Awesome all along.