The Mother (Earth) of all sustainability goals.

April 18, 2024
The Mother (Earth) of all sustainability goals.

You could say we put a lot of energy into conserving energy. Which is why you’ll see our commitment to making Valencia the most environmentally sustainable planned community in California — if not the country — in everything from our drought-tolerant landscaping to our home designs (and so much more).   

Energy-efficient Homes

The homes at Valencia are eco-friendly by design. With energy-efficient appliances, windows, lighting and HVAC systems, along with low-flow kitchen and bathroom fixtures. All of the homes are Energy Star® certified — using, on average, 20% less energy than homes built to code. And that’s just the start. Each residence also has photovoltaic solar panels and many have a level 2 EV charger in the garage. 

Speaking of Electric Vehicles … 

The Eastlink includes an NEV trail network and pathways for electric bikes and scooters. EV chargers are planned throughout the community. And ValenciaGO is our community-wide, comprehensive transportation organization designed to provide new options for people on the move and reward them for making sustainable choices — like subsidy reimbursements to put toward the one-time purchase of an eco-friendly mode of transportation. (Been thinking of that electric bike? This is your sign to become a Valencian and do it.)   

Open Space Preservation

You’ll find approximately 10,000 acres of dedicated and protected natural open space here at Valencia (about two-thirds of our community’s overall size). And if you’re wondering just how much 10,000 acres is, imagine 7,500 football fields or, for those more into racquet sports, 160,000 tennis courts. 

Water Conservation

We aim to use less of this precious natural resource by implementing rainwater collection systems and stormwater management programs. Utilizing an independent water supply that uses onsite groundwater. Installing geothermal heating and cooling systems for our community buildings and pools. Irrigating parks and open spaces with reclaimed and recycled water. And planting drought-tolerant landscaping (which also happens to help with wildfire mitigation). 

Sustainability Partners

Our commitment to sustainability means partnering with groups who share our vision. Which is why you’ll find us working with the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Center for National Lands Management and many more.  

Conserving Natural Resources & Protecting the Environment. 

It’s all part of our quest to not only serve as stewards of the land on which we sit, but to also reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and net zero energy use practices — creating as much energy as we use. Big objectives, to be sure. But we’re more-than-up for it. And we’ve made a lot of progress already.