Growing Our Community Garden

March 5, 2023
Growing Our Community Garden

Here at Valencia, locally sourced food is a big part of who we are and the history of this land. The Santa Clarita Valley tradition of eating fresh is expressed through our Community Garden and Garden Home, which are managed by Farmer Madi of Farmscape. 

There are countless benefits to eating locally. When food travels shorter distances, we reduce carbon emissions, and local crops are picked when ripe in their most nutrient-rich state. Plus, growing your own food also creates independence, leaving you less susceptible to the supply chain. And with Farmerscape leading resident harvests, it’s a great place to level up your gardening skills too. 

About Farmscape

Since 2008, Farmscape has been building edible gardens across the state of California for Michelin star chefs, Silicon Valley tech giants and Levi’s Stadium (home of the San Francisco 49ers), among others. They’ve also been creating gardens in communities like ours, so families can grow organic food in their own neighborhoods, or “agrihoods” as Farmer Madi from Farmscape likes to call them. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Farmscape at Valencia to create a community that joins together through urban gardening