Valencia is a place worth talking about.

November 17, 2022
Valencia is a place worth talking about.

Valencia is designed to bring out the best in people. Schools bring out the curiosity in kids, new energy-efficient homes bring out the best in our builders, trails bring a sense of adventure and our residents closer to nature, resort-style pools bring everyone out to enjoy California’s sunshine, and festive events bring neighbors together. Turns out, when you do that, it also brings a few kind words from the folks who live here.

We asked some of our residents what drew them to Valencia and what they love about living here. Then, we simply listened to the answers:
"When we toured new homes, we saw people out and about with their kids and dogs. That's a happy sign."
– Kristen and Spencer

“It’s just a great area for families and homes. That’s basically what we were looking for … a safe place where we could enjoy our walks and get out a little bit and have a good time.”  
– The Franklins

"The clubhouse is a wonderful place to gather, and the pools are fantastic. These are the kind of community spaces that do so much to create the kind of neighborhood we wanted."
– Nithin and Sneha

“Being energy-efficient, you just can’t go wrong. It’s just something we had to get involved with.”
–  The Murrays
“I’m very much an outdoors person. I’m very excited about the bike trails and the jogging trails … and how long and how extensive … that’s perfect for us. You can just walk out your door and be able to run and jog.”
– The Esmeraldas