A Day in Summer

June 4, 2024
A Day in Summer

Summer’s Funner at Valencia

Ok, your language arts teacher probably wouldn't approve of the word "funner." But summer break makes that a moot point. And around here, the summer months are more fun because there's so much to do for kids and parents — and even language arts teachers.

Miles of trails

Like to jog? Bike? Take a meandering stroll? We have trails throughout the neighborhood that will let you do just that. And then there are trails of the more rugged kind like The East and Rice Canyon trails that will take you to some impressive views (where you can also catch your breath). There’s even a hiking club here at Valencia that heads out twice a month to explore nearby trails in the area.

Parks & Pools

Our trails connect the parks at Valencia … and oh, what parks they are. Like Eastlink, with shady areas and a pump track for two-wheeled adventures. And our biggest park (which feels like a vacation resort right here in our community): Confluence Park. It’s everyone’s go-to gathering spot. With three (yep, three) swimming pools — including an Olympic-length one. An outdoor deck with mountain views. Cabanas. Outdoor grills. And even a community garden. Oh, and did we mention two more parks coming soon? I guess we just did.

Nearby Attractions

As much fun as there is to be had in Valencia (our community), there’s a lot to do in and around Valencia (the town). You may have heard of a little place called Six Flags Magic Mountain, and it — along with its thrills — happens to be right in our backyard. Or if you’d rather experience some cuteness overload, head to The Gentle Barn, a farm animal rescue where you can pet and cuddle cows, pigs … even turkeys.

Community Get-Togethers

We make it a priority to have events (for residents and non-residents alike), right here in our neighborhood. We’ve hosted our Go Earth celebration, movie nights, a Maker’s Market and Friday Night Happenings (with food trucks & live music) — speaking of which, our first is June 7th, and you can consider yourself invited. Learn more and RSVP here.

No Place Like Home

When you live at Valencia, you might just realize that the most fun of all can happen right at home. Have a dinner party. Let the kids play in the yard. Spend some quality time together. It is after all, where the heart is.

Suffice it to say, summers are well-spent at Valencia. In fact, that whole “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do” thing that seems to happen at, oh, around week 3 of school vacation? Isn’t heard around here.

Come visit and see what we’re talking about. Or start searching for your new home right now — many are available for a summer move-in.